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Analytical creativity and constant research is at the very heart of Delve’s quest to create unconventional designs that will immortalize the wonders of the human body.

It is by this vision that the beauty found within can finally be given a chance to shine through to reflect the different facets of a person’s individuality at work and at leisure.

The company was founded in 2020 in the creative hands of Evangeline de Sosa, who has a love for both art and fashion and who also holds a degree in Nursing, the human anatomy contains an endless source of inspiration for the art world to explore.

Her growth in this journey started when she took a private lesson in handcrafting with lost wax while working as a nurse in a weight-loss center on January 2016 and was fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit with 99 Arts in various art galleries in Rome on September of that year.

She then began to take interest on the hobby and on December 2017, she won MArtelive’s Biennale for the “Artistic Craftsmanship” category and  she launched the “Human Anatomy” collection that paved the way for the creation of Delve Medical Jewelry dedicated to healthcare providers.

Months later, on March 2018, she eagerly exhibited selected jewelry pieces at the Museum of Modern Arts in Pescara.

These key elements led her to pursue her passion and transform a hobby into a real job.

From then on, the line has branched out in two: the medical jewelry line which showcases medical instruments like the syringe and stethoscope to represent the experiences and successes of those who are in this field; and the artisanal jewelry line which displays sculptural pieces taken from the human anatomy to embody a unique awareness of the intricate designs found within all of us.

“For me jewelries are not just a simple ornament that completes an outfit, but it is an expression of our subconscious mind.”

The company aims to use jewelries as an instrument of dialogue within peers to embrace inclusivity and diversity.